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Class Night: 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Update: Seniors’ Class Night, Class of 2019 (9th grade)

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by the Senior Social Worker and Program Manager of the Safe Space Program, Ms. Gbessagee:

“Dear Dr Dinkins and All,

I write to report that the graduating class “class night” went so well. The girls were happy and beautifully attired. The program was dynamic and fun filled. They sang songs, danced in pairs, did monologues and poetry. They did mini dramas, acted and modeled fashion. They thanked the staff, administration and you all. I was happy when they talked about the Yasmine Closet, and using the spray (perfumes) to smell good. They are such good kids and I feel blessed to be part of their education and upbringing. They also believed you all gave birth to them which truly makes them feel special. I thank you on their behalf.

(Their graduation day is August 14th, 2019 – to be held at the Monrovia City Hall).

Team, we are about to begin the school year God willing and the Social Work and Case Management Team is ready to go. We again thank you all for your support and look forward to a new school year of many activities and increased use of the Safe Space. This school year, the Safe Space Program will be issuing one medal to the most improved student at the graduation. She came from being the class bully ( for over 2 years) to becoming a student who discusses her feelings and fears and uses actions that are kind and thoughtful, instead of cursing and threatening and fighting her classmates. The teachers at the Academy were truly happy that the Social Work Team is available to assist them in dealing with the issues that these students face on a daily basis. We will be regularly updating this website with reports on the effect of the Safe Space Program on the lives of the students at the MTM / Hilltop Academy. Our goal is to implement this program into at least 10 more schools in the next 24 months. Please join with us as we work to transform this community.


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