We came together after learning of an opportunity to transform the narrative of a community school in Liberia, West Africa. Students from the impoverished township of  West Point were exposed to numerous cases of child sexual abuse, committed by multiple staff members at their school.

There was a considerable time lapse -years- between the onset of the abuse and the discovery and prosecution of the guilty parties. Some of the victims were exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and fell ill. Only then, and after the demise of one of the perpetrators, did the students feel brave enough to inform authorities of what was happening to them.


Kutoa Afrika Foundation saw this as a chance to raise awareness of the intrinsic value of child protection as an essential part of education in African communities. We aimed to provide a space for students and their families, to develop the following core values:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Independent Thinking

  • Kindness

  • Protection of the Weak



(CEO) Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Dinkins was born in Northern California to Liberian parents. She spent most of her childhood in Liberia and later went on to represent Liberia in three separate Olympics. She is the only athlete to ever do so.  Dr. Dinkins is a trauma and acute care surgeon who volunteers on numerous global missions. She is the driving visionary for Kutoa Afrika Foundation.



(CFO) Chief Financial Officer

Yasmine is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction of the Kutoa Afrika Foundation. Financially, she pursues the organization’s aggressive growth and ensures that KAF meets it’s partners’ expectations. She oversees accounting, donations, and internal audit functions. Yasmine’s experience as a child in war-torn Sudan is a driving force behind her passion to protect children in vulnerable situations around the world.



(CCO) Chief Creative Officer

Kawana Lee has been an acclaimed hairstylist for over 20 years. She has recently opened her newest salon suite “Honey Hair Confession”. In addition to her love for the beauty industry, Kawana has a passion and a strong love for creative arts, drawing and loves to inspire through her talents. Above all else, she is a devoted mother to her three beautiful children; Rickisha age 29, Semaj age 24 and Deleon age 17.